Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Wilko's Weekly Waffle.

Busy busy week. Family wedding, people travelling from Manchester, London and Croatia as well as all four corners of The Wirral, not without its problems and some logistical problems one way or another but an amazing day overall. In true Wilko News fashion this may be the first, last and only time that we use your name Sandra as we all in one voice welcome you to the Wilko News team!!

I will never forget the efforts you went to in remembering the Wilko matriarch, Grambo, Mum. The beautiful touches on the day with the picture and candle and the tribute that not one man in the room could read, dry eyed. The remembrance at the Red Rocks on the day after. 
She would have loved you and considering you never met makes all your efforts all the more remarkable. 
Well done the new Mrs Wilkinson. 
Thank you the new S Wilkinson.

So the Wilko cattery is open as Annabelle is in residence while honeymoon and family holiday is incorporated in to one major event in Abergele. Boy has that cat grown up!! Not physically – she still looks the same size, small, neat and compact but this is now the mature, bird chasing, outdoor cat and all in all a totally different beast altogether!! Nice new bed that can be separated which is fine she uses that during the day, she still sleeps on my face of a night!! Nothing new there then!! I would let her out but if she gets excited with all the birds outside and there is a lot, she is a lot higher than where is usual and I don’t know but do cats suffer from a fear of heights?

This World Cup is really taking off. Some brilliant games and exciting end to end football with lots of goals!! I have to say I do not see any European, African or Asian team even scraping the surface against the power of Central and South America. I don’t just mean the ‘homies’ of Brazil I’m looking at Chile, Columbia, Argentina and Mexico. I won’t mention Uruguay or Costa Rica at all for obvious reasons but next week’s waffle may include something that may mention one or both of those sides!! Not to mention the fact that really we haven’t seen the best of Brazil…… yet!!

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