Saturday, 28 June 2014

Ludovico Einaudi - "Divenire" - Live @ Royal Albert Hall London

Irrespective of the genre of music there is something magical about the writer of a piece performing their work with passion in front of a live audience!

I fear if you don't get goose bumps by the end of this you may already be dead!!

Happy Saturday!!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Weekly Waffle

Well I don’t usually use any social media to name and shame, so this is the closest you get from me!! It is addressed to a person by title and not name but he does know who he is and he does read this….
Father I do not appreciate religion /reconversion/ conversion or whatever through the back door! 
Did you really think I was going to attend mass and then talk to you about the photos? I obviously thought that the service was 10 o clock and that I was meeting with you after. Arranging to meet at 10.45 was a bit naughty, wasn’t it? After all you do know what time your Sunday service is don’t you? Whereas I don’t! 
I’ve taken your pics as discussed but I won’t be handing over the sd card at the confessional box or anything like that!! 
Maybe the pachyderm bean place instead!! (Do you like what I did there? Not wanting to blatantly advertise Elephant Coffee!)

The more I see of football the more I dislike it – true story!! 
Well England did well in the World Cup didn’t they? So did Spain and Italy – that’ll be a strange flight back home with those teams on board won’t it? Good luck to the eventual South American winners and the South American runners up. I doubt I will be making further comment on the World Cup unless Greece or the USA where to end up in the final!!

It’s no secret I am not a great lover of mint! Not a problem except when people are away and in true British tradition want to bring me home a stick of rock, the common default is mint. Well done though to the newest member of the Wilko News team who for the second time found the most amazing ‘holiday rock’ for me. Yes and only me, because most people may think they like it but I bet they don’t…. RED HOT CHILLI ROCK …… What a positively amazing creation!!
 “Dare you lick it!!!” 
That’s what it says on the stick sticker!! Accompanied with handmade farmhouse chocolate no less. Oh I don’t mind being easy to buy for or predictable!! Look at all the things I get bought for me!!

So Wimbledon, something else I don’t really do, until the finals that is. 
Started on Monday, yesterday, Tuesday the first rain in a fortnight – in this tiny piece of ‘God’s own’ at least. 
How does that happen? 
While we are on the subject, how does whoever is in charge of global strawberries bring them all to market at the same time every year – just in time for Wimbledon. 
Just two more words about Wimbledon…....................… Sue Barker!! 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Wilko's Weekly Waffle.

Busy busy week. Family wedding, people travelling from Manchester, London and Croatia as well as all four corners of The Wirral, not without its problems and some logistical problems one way or another but an amazing day overall. In true Wilko News fashion this may be the first, last and only time that we use your name Sandra as we all in one voice welcome you to the Wilko News team!!

I will never forget the efforts you went to in remembering the Wilko matriarch, Grambo, Mum. The beautiful touches on the day with the picture and candle and the tribute that not one man in the room could read, dry eyed. The remembrance at the Red Rocks on the day after. 
She would have loved you and considering you never met makes all your efforts all the more remarkable. 
Well done the new Mrs Wilkinson. 
Thank you the new S Wilkinson.

So the Wilko cattery is open as Annabelle is in residence while honeymoon and family holiday is incorporated in to one major event in Abergele. Boy has that cat grown up!! Not physically – she still looks the same size, small, neat and compact but this is now the mature, bird chasing, outdoor cat and all in all a totally different beast altogether!! Nice new bed that can be separated which is fine she uses that during the day, she still sleeps on my face of a night!! Nothing new there then!! I would let her out but if she gets excited with all the birds outside and there is a lot, she is a lot higher than where is usual and I don’t know but do cats suffer from a fear of heights?

This World Cup is really taking off. Some brilliant games and exciting end to end football with lots of goals!! I have to say I do not see any European, African or Asian team even scraping the surface against the power of Central and South America. I don’t just mean the ‘homies’ of Brazil I’m looking at Chile, Columbia, Argentina and Mexico. I won’t mention Uruguay or Costa Rica at all for obvious reasons but next week’s waffle may include something that may mention one or both of those sides!! Not to mention the fact that really we haven’t seen the best of Brazil…… yet!!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

John Legend - All of Me For Tim and Sandra

And officially welcome to the Wilko News staff Sandra Wilkinson. Another S Wilkinson and striding in to the future as the new Mrs Wilkinson.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Wilko's Weekly Waffle!

So where do you draw the line between minding your own business, helping people and interfering? Tough one isn’t it? So I says to this couple on bikes, riding towards a seriously muddy part of a marsh path, “You’ll be lucky if you make it down there any further, it’s really muddy.” I know it’s not my business but I was just being friendly. If looks could kill then I wouldn’t be here relating this! “Oh no we’ll be ok!” The look added, unspoken, how do you know you cretin with a camera you haven’t got a bike, what would you know? It was less than ten minutes when they passed me, this time going the same way as me, avoiding my glance, they didn’t see me laugh out loud as I saw the black wet mud on their bikes and posh little cycle shoes!! I thought about telling them the shortcut or the way to go to avoid the mud, I thought about it but not for long!! I even thought about wishing them a nice day but that would have been interfering wouldn’t it?

I occasionally get my bus ticket on my phone, yes it is an unsmart phone I have told you before, yes it is small, but I can get my ticket on it so it’s not that bad, hey? Getting on the bus the driver was squinting at the screen and after a fairly long squint he said, “You need to get a bigger phone.” Well however true it might be I can’t say I’m that confident about a driver who can’t see the screen of a phone in charge of driving ten ton of metal and 60 passengers down the country lanes!!

Did you know that the first guide dogs for the blind were all German Shepherds? So then who decided that Labradors could see better?

I make no secret about disliking intensely The Metro, the global free newspaper, but I do stick with my principles and refuse it if is ever offered and never voluntarily pick it up on a train or bus. Loudly criticizing every article on every page and calling the paper for everything is the most annoying thing, ever. Why should I have to put up with it? Oh yes I know why! Other people haven’t got any principles!!

Monday, 9 June 2014

"Don't quote me......"

"Nature's music is never over; her silences are pauses, not conclusions."

~ Mary Webb

"It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well."

~ Rene Descartes

"It's the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter"

~ Marlene Dietrich

"Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance."

~ George Bernard Shaw 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The return of Wilko's Weekly Waffle on this World Wide Webby thing!

So welcome back to the weekly waffle and for me welcome back to life as I have got to know it!!
A family staff member said that it must have been like losing an arm. For me not to have a working lap top that is! 
I corrected him and said that it was more like losing both hands! 
Internet access can be quite easily sorted with friends, unsmart phones and yes the library, but the problems occur when I look to the internet alternatives. What do I do to take a break from the World Wide Webby thing? Most of you know I edit pics and look at them. In 5 days without a lap top I had taken 800 photos!! For some people that's as many as they might take in a year but a fairly average weekend for me. 
History group walk in Royden Park and a visiting cruise liner in Liverpool added to the usual lens exploring and photographing of the unusual and of course not forgetting the Facebook fun bench group!! 
Non of these pics don't pass the quality threshold until I have seen them on my lap top! I saw them on my camera but they still need turning and filing and all those mundane things that happen automatically and without any thought when viewing on my lap top!!
But we are slowly getting back to normal, big lie, as far as May was concerned we are just about sorted!! But 4th June already and nothing for June has been seen yet!! 
Thank you to those concerned in getting the charger sorted for me, which wasn't without its own problems due to the Canadian origins of my lap top!!

The temptation of course would be to go completely over the top and write absolutely loads to make up for lost time. Uh can you ever imagine me doing that..... ha ha!! But I really am not going to.... 

I do just want to mention for the first time - the football world cup! Or rather the time when we English pretend to be patriotic and seemingly adopt our other national sport of drinking and frankly get it all wrong!! In the ideal world we would see only George Crosses in support of England, with the greatest of respect to our neighbours and friends in the union which is the United Kingdom, you are not in the world cup - England are! 
I knew the world cup was upon us because all the drink adverts went from subtle to full on over night. 
Is it a football tournament or a drinking competition? 
But unfortunately like the flags, again we get it wrong!! Shouldn't we really drink English drinks? Or at least drinks from countries that are not in the world cup? 
I love watching the international games and in my own little way enjoy the world cup, but I really do cringe when I see loud mouthed English fans, draped in Union flags buying barrels upon barrels of American beer in German owned supermarkets. Example only ....... Probably!!