Thursday, 12 March 2015

Milly sings!!

This is Milly singing away to the Coronation Street theme!

Well done Milly and congratulations to our very own Nicki for her debut movie on You Tube!!

Hope you both remember me when you are rich and famous!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

PRIDE...... What it's all about!!

MARCH 10th.

March 10th is to become a 'Proud to be a Dad' Day!! Well in my household anyway!!

As a Dad I every reason to be immensely proud of my two boys, every single day but I am making March 10th Wilko boy pride day!!

In honour of this special occasion I would ask all my friends and family to spend a pound in Wilkos today..... No I am jesting!!

On this day in 1998 at the ever so young age of 17, Tim #1 son joined the RAF!! I remain to this day so very proud of his achievements in his 10 year career with the Royal Air Force and what he has done with his life since with his battles with health issues but more importantly in his personal life how he has become a wonderful husband and father.

So back to March 10th and bang up to date. Today sees #2 son Matt on board the newest cruise ship and the largest in the UK cruise market, Britannia. The tremendous and amazing ship that is being named by the Queen today at her home port of Southampton. This is his and his fiancee's first ever cruise ship contract and they have the priveledge of making their first proper cruise with P and O the maiden voyage of this awesome ship! 

Both these events make me extremely proud of both of them and the calendar simply enhances the date forever to be a day full of pride for my Wilko boys!!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Britannia Southampton Arrival 6th March 2015

I have to say I just can't get enough footage of this amazing ship!!
This is Britannia coming in to its homeport, Southampton for the very first time.
The Queen is naming her on Tuesday and the maiden voyage is next Saturday!!


That doesn't even mention how proud I am of my son and his fiancee who are the duo Matt and Sarah on board!!

Lots of Bon Voyages guys!!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Dog whisperer......

I have discovered I have the talent, experience, patience and everything else that is required to be the very next successful  'Dog Whisperer'.
I am willing to pass this information on to you.....


Shouted at the top of your voice. Doesn't work but makes you feel so much better!!