Wednesday, 31 October 2012

31st October!!

 Oh don't get me wrong, if you've got kids and you live in the right environment/neighbourhood, like carving not eating your winter squashes, then I do think there is a valid reason for Halloween.
If you are religious and need a day for all souls then this is the day!!
If non of the above, then what the F?, no seriously folks, what is it?
A selection of pics from the Halloween Humbug album oh and by the way Happy Halloween. 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Halloween special!

So I think we've gone too far when a online dating site offers a membership discount for Halloween!! Join now and get your witch at 40% off!! Wonder if it's backdated? For all the witches they've let me know about when I was paying full price!!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Alice, through 'a' looking glass!!

Everyone see's things differently and interprets things the way they want to and that is all well and good and makes us all individuals.
A little girl called Alice Liddell was Lewis Carroll's inspiration for Alice in the 'Alice' books. Alice used to stay in Llandudno on holiday and after that rumour takes over! However Llandudno has 'used' the best parts of the rumour linking Alice and Lewis Carroll and everywhere there are links to the little girl.
Now then whenever I think of Alice I have a cute picture of a pretty little girl, strangely naive but very feminine.
The latest series of wood sculptures (June 2012) around the town however do not display her like that, to me, at all!! Frankly they scare me! This to me is an ugly Alice, maybe more suited to the fishing ports around the coast than to the "Queen of Resorts." 
But of course each to their own!!
For further info on Llandudno click *HERE* and for an insight in to an Alice *HERE*

Saturday, 20 October 2012

"Still around the corner there may wait. a new road or a secret gate." 

~ J. R. R. Tolkein.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Monday, 15 October 2012

World wide webby thing!

I love this world wide webby thing, no really I do!! Long time readers will of course already know this!!
It fascinates me that you can watch an advert on the telly, like the music, tap a few things in your computer and should you wish to have a CD winging its way to you in seconds or download it in less time than the advert itself. Or you can have the lyrics printed before you can say O2 Priority Sports Commercial. This time though I have done all those before, this time its the official video from You Tube of Woodkid's Run Boy Run. 
Now's the time for you to go through the process, that I did, yeah that's the other thing you can do, blog about it and let everyone know what you think!!
You will say, I don't know it, I've never heard it. I will then say to my US readers, it was on So you think you can dance in August and to my UK readers, it's the music for the above mentioned TV commercial!!

Oh yes I like that!!

So press the button.

Oh Wow yeah I do like that!!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Weekly update...

So quite a week with Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving in the same week!! Now  I have absolutely no problem at all with my North American cousins as most readers will already know, I can’t help but being a bit annoyed at my own country!  For a long time we have been a day or two behind in the public holiday league but even with Royal weddings and anniversaries we still fall a long way behind almost every other country in the ‘Western’ world. England and Wales are even behind Northern Ireland, another country within the United Kingdom! Unfortunately last Monday ust brings it all to bear!! We in the UK do not get a public holiday between the last Monday of August and Christmas Day. I’ll leave you to do the maths! At the same time especially you North Americans think about how many you have – just in that period!! I rest my case!! 
One of the pictures that I posted on Monday for Columbus Day was of a Greyhound bus numbered 1492. The year of discovery! 1990 was the year and that bus featured in my own year of discovery and my first visit to the American continent! By featured I mean it was my home for 37 hours and my first and longest Greyhound bus ride - so it was the big feature! Somewhere the second chapter of my story of my “Voyage of Discovery” is titled, wait for it…… “Me and you and a dog named 1492.” Even that title alone ages me significantly! If you don’t know what the hell I mean you may not be old enough….. (Google, ‘Lobo’)

I’m such a geek! Most of you already know that!!  I’m saying no more other than to relate three things in as many weeks that proves it, all strangely provable in photographs, which may indeed say something far more. So yes I am a geek photographer!! (1) Special diesel train pulling old coaches through Wrexham station. (2) A talk on a tree trail at the local botanic gardens, then pictures taken that are already in the Tree Trail booklet. (3) Eddie Stobart trucks, I say no more!!

Loving season 21 of The Amazing Race, only wish it wasn’t such a struggle to get hold of the episodes, mainly due to the gracious hospitality of CBS….. NOT!! All I can really say is, if you are in North America, you must watch it!! Sunday evenings CBS 7 or 8 or after the football!! If you wanted to follow it in the UK I can get you the link sometime on Mondays but unfortunately no guarantees. 

Also HERE is the Sunday Supplement on the Photoblog!!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Finally they have named a beer after me!!

" "

"Nature is forever arriving and forever departing, forever
approaching, forever vanishing; but in her vanishings there
seems to be ever the waving of a hand, in all her partings a
promise of meetings farther along the road."

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Try looking at this and not thinking of sunshine and smiles!!

Did you know......

.... that today is the birthday of San Francisco? In 1776, Spanish missionaries began the first settlement in the area that was to become the city of San Francisco. Yerba Buena was the original name of San Francisco. It was taken from the plant with the same name that grew around the settlement that was adjacent to the Mission San Francisco de Asis, "Mission Dolores."

Monday, 8 October 2012

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Driving passion.

I just love the passion that is created by the Italian Ferrari F1 Grand Prix and its Spanish and Brazilian drivers and multi national race team. After the Japanese Grand Prix today the Spanish driver tweeted this, "5 Great races still to come. If the enemy thinks in the mountains, attack by sea, if they think in the sea attack by the mountains." Meanwhile the Italian race director pointing at their rivals said, "See they laugh now, next week they cry." Wonderful!!

The weekly update.......

Hey would you believe the CD was 30 years old this week? Personally however I can’t see it making 40. So who’d of thought that vinyl would be the longest running music media? Not me that’s for sure!!

Match.doodah presents : Liverpool’s most quirky dates. Sounds good I’m single and I can do quirky. Clicking here as instructed I was faced with the top ten quirky places to go on a date, including the Cavern! Not quite what I was expecting, oh and I’ve been to most of them either on my own or in a previous strictly non quirky life!

I love this www stuff, yeah including Facebook and never cease to be amazed that with just a click somewhere on my lappy I can cross the Atlantic and another I can cross the US or Canada and back again. WOW!

The other thing about crossing both the Atlantic and America is the time differences so I am thinking of starting an Insomniac American’s helpline! Only partially kidding!! But there has been a couple of occasions just recently where me being on this www thing in the morning has been a great time to talk online with a couple of Americans, one 5 hours behind, the other 8 and this has been enabled purely because they could not sleep. 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

No more ice creams at the Trevi Fountain.

Rome tourists face €500 fine for snacking......... this is a disgrace!! Full story HERE.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Amazing Race Series 21 Episode 1........

So last night saw the beginning of the absolutely amazing The Amazing Race 
<CBS 7/8 Central Sunday nights - USA and Canada only, sometimes delayed because of football > 
and we are up to series 21, isn't that unbelievable? 
No not really..... What is unbelievable is that there is still no platform or real legal way of watching it in the UK. Thank you CBS, thank you very much...... "The video you requested is not available in your geographical location." or "Due to You Tube's terms of contract this video has not been uploaded."
Or the worst one, Download this, get this toolbar, click this and pay this and we still won't let you watch it....
                       BLAH DE F*CKING BLAH!!!
If you are able to watch it in the US or Canada then you must, it is as it says on the tin 'Amazing'. This series looks to be just as good if not better than ever! In a previous life there used to be a sweep, where you chose two teams and you got points and got eliminated when your teams did and it was great fun..... the message though is simple if you've never watched it and you can you must!! 

As for me, well as luck would have it there is a person in the Phillipines that uploads it on to You Tube, say no more. There are no guarantees though but I am not going to put it on here every week, if you want to follow it every week just email me here or leave a mention in comments and I will send you the link when I get hold of it.

Oh and of course it's not too late to organize your sweep or whatever but as one team has already gone I would watch the above first before you choose your teams!!!

HB CD!!!

Big big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the CD!!
30 years old today!! 
Nothing much more to say really!!
Click anywhere on this line for the best sellers of all time!!