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Monday, 29 August 2011


The legendary Michael Jackson. Happy 53rd Birthday RIP.

On this day in 1958, Michael Jackson was born. Despite the craziness that surrounded his life and death, he is still one of the biggest performers of all time, he is still the man who gave us "Beat It," "Human Nature, " and "Billie Jean." Nothing can or will change that. Ever. Happy Birthday MJ!! 


Today's Highlight in History:
On Aug. 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast near Buras, La., bringing floods that devastated New Orleans. More than 1,800 people in the region died.

Please today spare a thought for all the people that were unwillingly involved in the devastation and the carnage created by 'mother nature' on this day 6 years ago.

6 Years ago today #2

I find it quite ironic and really sad that as I checked out some of the links that are to follow that millions more people in another part of the country are being affected by yet another hurricane. This time unusually further to the North East. I don't mean to belittle the bitch that is Irene and my thoughts go out to all the people involved but I was quite reassured that some of the links set up to help these people deal with this potentially huge disaster were lessons learnt from Hurricane Katrina 6 years ago today in the New Orleans, Louisiana and Mississippi areas.

Please if you can click through some of the links, including the previous years posts on the original Wilko News and just remember for a moment all the losses. Not just the lives but the livelihoods, the properties and the possessions. The devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, six years ago.  

Since last years post I have had the absolute pleasure and privilege of visiting this wonderful city to see for myself the recovery and the still visible scars as is mentioned here in an up to date look back, and I have to say the city is absolutely amazing in almost every respect. Some pictures are below. The people, the stories and of course, one major part of the United States that does actually have some genuine history. It was a terrific time and I have to say that The Witch Queen of New Orleans did put a spell on me. I will return to my friends that I made and the city that has a small bit of my heart in its grasp.

6 Years ago today #3

It is very difficult to capture exactly what happened to an area over five years after a major disaster.
These pictures were all taken within one block in November 2010 and show on the one hand new build progress and nothing done at all as well as what remains of what was somebody's house as a tribute.
My normal 'glib' response is that I just take the pictures, which for New Orleans, 5 years post Katrina just doesn't seem enough.
It was good to see but highly emotive for me, more so for my companion who hadn't visited this area since Katrina.
It's 6 years ago today so please just spare a thought for all the people who lost something, whatever it was, all that time ago in natures 3rd biggest (most devastating) hurricane ever.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Here I go again..............


Ok so it's just SIMON now!! EBEZP has gone, he is in the past and no aliases are in use, any longer!!
One or two things have changed, not least the fact that at the moment I have never been so single and my lads have never been so loved up!! Sarah and Sandra are fantastic additions to the family as are Sandra's three lads. Though from a totally selfish viewpoint, well it's my blog (!) the best news ever is that on or around Christmas Day the combined efforts of Tim and Sandra are going to make me a Grandad of a baby girl!! (Really quite glad it's a girl because it removes all temptation of calling the little one Jesus!!) This is simply g.g.g.g.g.g.great news!!!
I have moved, not very far away but far enough to be away!!

So in a way yes this is still WILKO NEWS and most things are the same, but most things have also changed!!
I have no idea how and where we progress!! This is quite possibly going to be like a Wilko News +1 and likely as not will mirror and enhance my two photoblogs, my Facebook page and the original Wilko News. Full details at the end of the post.

There will be quite a few clicky throughs (spot the technical expression - told you nothing had changed!) to Wiki and other intellectual things, GOOGLE being the brain I never had and if I want to just play a vid or some music I will!!
There will be some of the best pics ever!! All mine of course!! Possible return of regular features and an update regularly of going on thingys.

It will be jokey and sometimes serious and other times down right, boringly, deadly serious!! I will always welcome your comments but unfortunately I have to moderate them, which I will as quickly as is possible. If you don't have a Google/Blogger identity you can still comment as anonymous but making sure you give me some clue as o who you are. Ok or you can friend me in Facebook and well basically whatever. 

Shortly there will also be my photo business website and contact page as well that's for any of your photographic needs as all my pictures are available as prints/cards or almost anything printable upon!!! Either way just message me in Facebook or E mail me!!

So here's the important info bits, which will also be available on the side bar over there >>>>> somewhere!!

OK going back to forever ago there is Wilko News. A lot of the links are no longer live, no comments are displayed and for personal reasons a number of posts have been surgically removed!

Then there is the first and original Photo Blog which has quality pictures of different aspects of my life as a lens explorer!!

The other Photo Blog is all it says on the tin.... pics2LOL@

My profile page on "THE" social network is here

When all else fails or you would like to apply to change my relationship status you can always E mail me. E addy on side bar!!

To Resurrect Wilko News, Ladies and Gentleman, George Michael..........

So the first video of a new era...........everything's the same but it's all changed,