Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Weekly Waffle

Well I don’t usually use any social media to name and shame, so this is the closest you get from me!! It is addressed to a person by title and not name but he does know who he is and he does read this….
Father I do not appreciate religion /reconversion/ conversion or whatever through the back door! 
Did you really think I was going to attend mass and then talk to you about the photos? I obviously thought that the service was 10 o clock and that I was meeting with you after. Arranging to meet at 10.45 was a bit naughty, wasn’t it? After all you do know what time your Sunday service is don’t you? Whereas I don’t! 
I’ve taken your pics as discussed but I won’t be handing over the sd card at the confessional box or anything like that!! 
Maybe the pachyderm bean place instead!! (Do you like what I did there? Not wanting to blatantly advertise Elephant Coffee!)

The more I see of football the more I dislike it – true story!! 
Well England did well in the World Cup didn’t they? So did Spain and Italy – that’ll be a strange flight back home with those teams on board won’t it? Good luck to the eventual South American winners and the South American runners up. I doubt I will be making further comment on the World Cup unless Greece or the USA where to end up in the final!!

It’s no secret I am not a great lover of mint! Not a problem except when people are away and in true British tradition want to bring me home a stick of rock, the common default is mint. Well done though to the newest member of the Wilko News team who for the second time found the most amazing ‘holiday rock’ for me. Yes and only me, because most people may think they like it but I bet they don’t…. RED HOT CHILLI ROCK …… What a positively amazing creation!!
 “Dare you lick it!!!” 
That’s what it says on the stick sticker!! Accompanied with handmade farmhouse chocolate no less. Oh I don’t mind being easy to buy for or predictable!! Look at all the things I get bought for me!!

So Wimbledon, something else I don’t really do, until the finals that is. 
Started on Monday, yesterday, Tuesday the first rain in a fortnight – in this tiny piece of ‘God’s own’ at least. 
How does that happen? 
While we are on the subject, how does whoever is in charge of global strawberries bring them all to market at the same time every year – just in time for Wimbledon. 
Just two more words about Wimbledon…....................… Sue Barker!! 

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