Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wilko’s Weekly Waffle on this Wonderful World Wide Webby thing!

So the staff members that do the music as a duo are now in Croatia and whether I get to see them when they are there or not is really beside the point, I have already done all the planning that is required! 
Google maps and Google Earth is a start, that makes me feel close – so when I speak to them I can say, for example, “Is that a huge football pitch next to the hotel?” Oh it is by the way but not as big as it looks on Google Maps apparently. 
That just proves of course that I am not the only Wilko News staff member that does his research!! 
As they work for Thomson then the next part includes the hard copy brochure for the hotel they are working at and at other hotels used by them in the area, in that and online. 
A good accommodation site follows, prices for rooms and hotels in the surrounding area, transfers etc. Trip Advisor is good at this point so that I can get a feel for the profile of tourists in the area and finally flights and alternative travel options. 
Ferry from Venice – looks good – really!! 
Establish communication, Facebook chat to begin with, phone calls, all takes a good deal of time to sort out. The fact that due to Croatian red tape (and possibly mis-management?) they haven’t sung or played a musical note in anger yet and so they are technically on holiday and not working at all, shouldn’t enter in to it at this stage.

Oh yes my point… all that takes time as I said, what only takes a few seconds is every other ‘news’ feed on the side bar of my Google Mail, every pop up, every header on almost every web site to mention the words Pula, Croatia, Thomson and not forgetting….. Book Book Book!!! Oh I so love tracking cookies……NOT!!

No seriously the internet is wonderful isn’t it? 
How easy it is to get to rely upon every last ‘W’ of Wilko’s Weekly Waffle on this Wonderful World Wide Webby thing!

I mean where else would you get to know that of the 12 dogs on board the Titanic only 3 survived!

Finally in television news…. Jack is Back or rather 24 starts its new series, or Jack Bauer ‘Live(s) Another Day’. If this is series 8, I need that confirming, but, if it is then he is starting the week again. Tell I’m not a huge fan can’t you?

And apart from the first 3 letters, unusual in itself, do you know the connection between Holby City and Hollyoaks? I feel like Six Degrees of Seperation or Kevin Bacon in that EE commercial. Elliot Hope is the connection, the name of a character in Holby City and the name of one the writers for Hollyoaks!

Who knew?!! Well you do now and me!!

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