Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Weekly Waffle Time

Hey absolutely wonderful seeing, up close and personal as it were, MSC Magnifica making her Liverpool debut on Sunday for a number of reasons!! 
Most importantly to me just how photogenic she is! I would agree that she hasn’t the lines of the older more traditional cruise liners and is a little more than a large misshapen box/hotel that floats but in her own way she presents herself splendidly.
Secondly less than two years ago MSC, Mediterranean Shipping Company were quoted as saying that “We do not see any cruising in the Irish Sea in the future for this company.” The fact that one of their ships was in Liverpool at all is a measure of Liverpool’s growth as both a destination in its own right and a credible cruise destination, but it also shows that MSC are adaptable and are prepared to admit their mistakes. Politicians, take note!!
The hugeness of the ship herself is well documented and to be honest to most of us, myself included, facts like 93,000 gross tons and 13 passenger decks, crew of 1,027 all go over heads very easily. All I can possibly add to that is that MSC Magnifica was magnificent and really too big in Liverpool right alongside her!! From the Wirral later and watching her leave, did do her far more justice, made her more credible, or should I say incredible!!
From my chosen spot close to Seacombe Ferry you could see that she was twice as long as Liverpool’s tallest building is tall!! True story!! (West Tower 459’ tall/MSC Magnifica 964’ long) You might well say, “WOW!”
With a bit of luck, not to mention good management by clicking somewhere round >>here<< there should be a mini album of a maxi size ship!!   

What do the following all have in common : The Amazing Race, America’s Next Top model, Masterchef and Ice Road Truckers?
There’s no reason at all to know that all these competitive TV shows all ended within the last week, but for me a fan of them all they leave a big void. 
I have spoken before of my weekly struggles of getting The Amazing Race each week but that doesn’t mean I am not sorry that its over. Dave and Connor received their $1,000,000 in Las Vegas after probably one of the best series ever. First father and son team and Dave the oldest person at 58 ever to win. 22 cities, 9 countries and over 23,000 miles, that’s probably why they call it The “AMAZING” Race!!

Masterchef’s finale was brilliant and Ping, lovely little Malaysian girl was a worthy winner. Single guy on my own watching it with almost bare cupboards though is not ideal…… Simon is preparing rare baked twice beans on still smouldering debris of toast, followed by special yellow stickered rhubarb yoghurt!!!

Ice Road Truckers is so underated but hey when it returns, give it a watch! But beware it is addictive!!

America’s next top model is so cheesy as to be watchable! The judges are all so high in their field that I have never heard of them but the contestants are so unbelievably bitchy that any red blooded male could not fail to be just a tad interested!!

That’s a lot of TV space to fill!! Oh what to do?!!  

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