Sunday, 16 September 2012

Weekly update...... again!

Well eleven years ago this week was one of those days when you will always remember exactly where you were and how global events impacted on you. 9/11 of course, but the nature of the event made it go on for all day so it is much easier for us to remember. Much easier than a single shot or a ‘small step’. Maybe that’s good because we must never ever forget the atrocities of that day in 2001.

So what a good race and consequent result for the Italian F1 Grand Prix from Monza last weekend. Monza of course the home of Ferrari and irrespective of which cars were successful in the race itself the whole weekend epitomizes the passion the Italians have for Ferrari and rightly so! However it did come as quite a big surprise to see the commercial for “Scuderia Ferrari, new fragrance for men”! Ok I’m sure it’s really nice, that is if your significant other likes the smell of petrol and burning rubber!! Whatever turns you on!!

I don’t think you will have seen this if you are not in the UK, (this may not even work but click here for the commercial) but I absolutely love the Bruce Willis commercial for Sky Broadband, especially the whispered, “It’s Bruce Willis!” from the Unlimited ‘As am I’ young lady!!

The word ‘randomly’ seems to be used and maybe even overused a lot these days and now even more so for me because I realized this week that it is an anagram of ‘My Ronald’. Referring of course to Ronald MacDonald on whom I and a number of friends “Blame Ronald” for almost everything.

Great to see the return of the series on the trucks and drivers of Eddie Stobart and the photographers and spotters of the trucks, ooops that’s given the game away a tad hasn’t it? 

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