Thursday, 8 September 2011

New Autumn schedules!!

Can someone explain the appeal of Red or Black - I mean it's bad enough programmes where the questions are too easy, or you are gambling on a box, but at least you have to engage some kind of braincell or try your acrobatics, but really this just takes the biscuit! I meant to write piss there but it's a family site, oh dear too late!!
If it wasn't for Ant and Dec it would join the unwatchables like Celebrity Big Brother. Apart from Jedward who I detest with a passion I really thought was the 'ordinary' Big Brother because I didn't recognise a soul!! Then I just thought it was The "That's why mum's go to Iceland" show with the token unknown black actor who was terrible in Waterloo Road.
As for our largest TV export 'X Factor', is it just me or do you struggle to work out who all the other judges are with Louis the one that I could never stand....... ?
Bring back Simon!! 
Hell British TV used to be respected around the world!! 

Puzzled Wilko News reporter.

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