Friday, 27 November 2015

Emotional couple of days!

So Wednesday in the pouring rain we went to 

in wet North Wales. 

It had always been Nicki's Mum, Enas's favourite place and we went just purely for the peace and tranquility. After all Thursday was the 5 year anniversary of my Mum, Pauline's death.

While we were there Nicki wrote a prayer request 
and put it on the notice board from which it would be read out at the service which was to be held on Friday. 

Here is the chapel with the notice board on the altar

and maybe it was just me but I'm sure there was a whisper -that it was ok for Milly to be on one of the six chapel chairs and observe it all!!

It was an incredibly emotional, although beautiful day despite the rain or maybe because of the rain. 

After all both wonderful ladies when they died were well capable of leaving God's tap running!!

So emotional indeed was it that Nicki wrote this lovely poem in the evening.

Thursday and my turn! 
We set off going first to Red Rocks and fortunately the rain had stopped and a great time was spent exploring and remembering!! Well Milly did the exploring!!

(Oh how much Mum would have loved Milly!!)

Now there is no trickery in this next bit I wish now I had my pics date stamped but this next pic was taken Thursday 26 November 2015 at the Red Rocks in Hoylake. 

For those of you that knew or ever saw my Mum's dog Gypsy, who died many years before Mum - no explanation is needed! 

 We ended a lovely day at the bottom of the road where Mum lived for close on 50 years and the lifeboat station that Mum had attending the opening of and where donations were made to after her death.

Well I did say it was full of emotion but I will end with a somewhat lighter picture!


Nicki Tilston said...

A beautiful journal of events. Very emotional for both of us but some lovely memories too. A very spiritual time for both humans and canines. X

SIMON said...

Thanks for those kind words Nicki XX