Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Well then Facebook tell me it’s my son’s birthday, so of course because everything on Facebook is true then it must be! Really all a bit silly isn’t it? After all again according to Facebook the relationship between us is father and son, so if they were that clever they would know that I know his birthday!!
What of course is neglected is that he is my younger son and if I were to write on his wall using their own reminder it would say just how old he is as well!! So does the fact my younger son is 29 make me feel older than in two weeks time when I am reminded, again by the book of Face, that my other son is 33? I think it’s today I feel older, just sayin’!

Do you like pure trivia? Does it ever cross your mind that it may have just been made up?
Guitarist and vocalist of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour borrowed his first guitar from his neighbour and has never returned it! Who is to say how true that statement is? I have to say though, that particular one - does amuse me slightly though whether it is true or not!!

Ordering a take away coffee from Costa the other day and the barista struggled for ages with the pathetic little plastic lid, so I said, thinking I was being helpful, “It’s alright I don’t need that!” Well you’d think I had insulted his mother….. “NO, you have to have it on!” Another maybe 30 seconds and he succeeded – thankfully as I was losing the will to live! Anyone who knows me knows I hate those tops and as soon as it is possible I take the lid off. So do you think I was very good leaving the top on until I was out of the shop? I do!!
There is strangely enough a very similar tale to be recounted from this week’s events. I bought, ironically, a Costa cup of coffee from a machine in a Spar shop and took it to the counter to pay for it. “Sorry I can’t sell that to you until it has a lid on!” Sh*t I’ve just met your son he works for Costa!!

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