Thursday, 26 July 2012

Flagging already!!

In certain quarters I am known as flagman! I was often approached by my bosses regarding when and which flags could/should be flown and was one of the only people (allegedly) in the borough that could tell whether our own Union flag was upside down or not! 
Just recently I went in to a shop to tell them that both of the Union flags were upside down and left them all arguing inside about it! However it's not high treason and you can no longer lose your head over it, it is a mistake made that people don't realise can be made. I have known flag manufacturers to get it wrong as well by putting the toggle on the wrong end. So it's not just the general public that can make mistakes.
Formula one and main sporting events are prime targets for 'Flagmen' like me and with the Euro soccer, Diamond jubillee and Olympics, it's been a frustrating time already, to say nothing of how it's going to shape up from the official start of the Olympics, tomorrow.
Nearly a half of the Union flags on the Champs Elysees in Paris on Sunday for the history making win by Bradley Wiggins of the 
Tour de France were being enthusiastically been waved upside down! 
I guess some enterprising Frenchman had stuck flags on sticks not knowing there was a right way and a wrong way!! 
Anyway it may give you something to look for to keep you occupied during boring bits of the Olympics, especially some of the really international ones that we don't see that often! 
Anyway with that in mind have a read of this - already - this was last night in Glasgow for the opening sports action of the Olympics and women's football.
I say nothing more at this point!!

The Olympic flag itself of course is not 5 random coloured circles. It is very unlikely that official Olympic flags would be wrong but be aware that unlicensed traders could get it wrong! That is of course only if you are remotely interested!! 


~d said...

The Olympic flag. Nice!! We have flag trolls from Norway.

SIMON said...

There'll be so many flags on display at the Olympics hey?